Joe Martino Asks 'Are We About To See One Of The Greatest Evolutions In Human History?'

by Steven Paul Warren

Whilst on Facebook today, 8th November 2014, I once again clicked on a link that drew my attention and then read this short acticle about a young man who created an online community entitled 'Collective Evolution'. His name is Jo Martino and, as I write and record my next series of articles and book I was struck by the fact that 'there are no such things as accidents' in the sense that this young man provided the key elements which I explore now and explored through my nearly six decades of life.

What are they?

To follow your passion and this has to begin when we are young. For me I did so in my career. I took time and was supported by my grandmother of all people so that I could figure out what the key motivators were for me. Joe reminded me how many young people get into debt in order to pay for education which leads to being stuck in a job that they don't enjoyfor the rest of their lives. He points out how this, unfortunately, is a western mentality where people operate under the idea that this is the only way given people who follow such a path are praised and celebrated within society.

For him as for many people I have worked with in my long career once the person believes and starts to do something they love and which equally inspires their unique insights and skills then the world around them begins to conspire to make it happen as a result of a conscious desire to make it happen.



For example as I write this article I have placed myself in a position which many would see untenable in their lives. I closed a successful medical company which I was chairman and director of, took what money was left and then, in my mid fifties, embarked on devoting myself to my writing and recording about the journey in life which I shared with patients; colleagues and friends.

What we are talking about here is creativity and here is a TED talk given by Sir Ken Robinson entitled 'Do Schools Kill Creativity?





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