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Introduction by Steven Warren - former psychologist, counsellor and psychotherapist introduces his overview of the day which he created back in 1989 entitled 'The Power of Caring.' Nearly twenty five years have passed since the day where, after having met two extraordinary people, I decided to create an opportunity for doctors, nursing staff, psychologists, patients and those working in the caring professions to share the story of Don and Anna's journey of Don recovering from a terminal cancer diagnosis.

I examine the key factors which result from the power of caring beginning with our often unmet need to care for ourselves. Don focuses on the often painful but illuminating process which he went through with the support of his wife Anna to reach a point where he could begin to go beyond the 'death sentence' he had received and progress to believing that he could heal from his diagnosis.

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[1 ] Don and Anna Factor discuss the key phases after diagnosis of his 'terminal cancer' and decisions on treatment. The experience as the power of caring unfolded in their lives together and within their own personal realisation. Both Don and Anna talk openly and candidly and share with the audience key understandings and insights which are as true today in 2013 as when this seminar was created.

We hear from Anna as she explored a powerful journey within herself for as she said "The primary issue that I realised when Don was sick without knowing quite how sick was that whatever method he chose for healing he needed support with it and needed to trust himself that he had a clue what was going on and what was the best for him and we talked a great deal about what he might do'

For Don, as he says, "The one thought that I have come away with from this whole experience is a deep conviction of how the psychological come spiritual side of serious illness and in my case cancer is far far more important than is usually credited. It is not just causally but in terms of the cure. I realised along the way that the cancer, whatever cancer actually is, probably arises for a whole variety of reasons. Some of them are genetic and a lot of them have to do with the environment'

Near the end of this first morning session there were both questions as well as members of the audience endorsing what Don and Anna had shared with us in terms of the 'patient' being given respect and the right sort of care to enable them to satisfactorily progress through the various key elements of their psychological and emotional response to diagnosis and thoughts towards how their medical condition would progress in the future.

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[ 2] Don and Anna discuss with Steve and the audience composed of hospital consultants, GP's, psychologists, AIDs and cancer patients as well as hospital and hospice care nurses and holistic practitioners how the key factors discovered in Don's return to health can be applied through the power of caring.

From the first session we shared some of the conversations we had been able to explore with members of the audience during the tea and coffee break. In our final session we wanted to take the audience through the key factors which had been explored in the first session and demonstrate how these expanded during the stage of recovery.

Don clearly expressed how what had been an academic study of psychology and the spiritual in his life before his diagnosis now became a heart felt understanding at every level of his being and that in some way he realised how a cancer diagnosis was for him the only turn key of sufficient power to enable him to move to the next stage of his life. He explored firstly his new found relationship with self and how this impacted on his relationship with his wife Anna and then to all the people who were important in his life. However, the emphasis had to be on his relationship with self and subsequent self expression from such a new found perspective.

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[ 3 ] Gill Edwards who was then a Clinical Psychologist and went on to become a successful author and Steven initially invited her to talk about the scientific research supporting the experiences of both Don and Anna as well as patients of Dr Contreras. However, Gill expanded on the medical and scientific viewpoints to rapidly include her work in the holistic field.

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[ 4 ]Ruth Sewell MacmillianFoundation nurse tutor specialising in cancer management and care introduced the key elements to rehabilitate and maximise a persons potential as a result of illness and adjust to their changed identify and status. Ruth presented four main factors required by someone when they are ill which are 1- their power of choice which fulfills emotional needs and involves the power to make decisions, express who they are as an individual and choice over the life during this time period to express and demonstrate their abilities. 2 - Love for the person with an illness to still be able to freely give and receive love as well as warmth and affection along with appreciation and support. 3 - Control, to be able to exercise control in their lives at all levels which means feeling able to express what they do and not want and to see that people respect their wishes by fulfilling such wishes. So C A R E is seens as Communicatin Alliance R releasing a persons resources Empowerment.

In conclusion if these factors are not fulfilled in caring then Fear and Stress result which has been shown to compromise our natural healing and ultimately influencing both the treatment given in terms of success and eventual outcome.

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Conclusions with Steven Warren where, nearly twenty five years on from the seminar he created he examines what advances in integrating the key elements of connection with true self have achieved for mainstream medicine as well as, and more importantly, we as individuals for remaining in good health or for those recovery from or dealing with physical and emotional illness.

Steven Warren's reflections and conclusions in terms of what we as individuals have created and what we will create for the future in terms of maintaining our own health and how we deal with both physical and psychlogical factors.

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Summary with Steven Warren (Recording in process and will be released along side the audio book early March 2013) Please join our mailing list to be update on publications by simply sending an email to

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In 1989 Steven Warren, author and speaker, met two extraordinary people with an equally extraordinary story of how their courage and love had overcome Dons terminal illness. After spending much time with them exploring their experiences I asked if they would be the main speakers at a seminar I would create.

Steven had worked for over seven years at this time with people who were dying, those who were bereaved and others facing both chronic as well as life threatening illness. Such work had shown Steven how the Power of Caring was the crucial factor in helping people to both recover from, cope with and in many cases prolong their lives.

Modern medicine contributed to their care but Steve had witnessed another important factor at work, the power stemming from a crisis in their lives to connect with their true self.

At this time modern scientific research was beginning to confirm what had been known from old wives stories, that the human mind and heart played an important role in releasing the individuals own healing potential but only as long as that individual was given the right circumstance, support, encouragement, care and love. read more

Steven Warren is the author of this and a whole series of books and published recordings focusing on the simple fact that we have all of the answers if only we quieten our conscious mind and its chatter, misdirection and obvious confusion.

Written in 2005 but only now published in 2013 the title of this book The Power of Caring stemed from a one day seminar which Steven created in 1989 for healthcare professionals as well as cancer and AID's patients. The day focused around the remarkable story of Don and Anna Factor. We explored the journey that husband and wife had made after Don's 'Terminal' cancer diagnosis and his remarkable journey of recovery to full health which he and his wife Anna had journeyed upon. The key discovery between them was the power of caring for each other and for themselves. read more

The Power of Caring and Your Field of Perception was the second title and then I decided to return to the original manuscript which was created in 2005. Perhaps there are titles for other books which will stem from The Power of Caring but, for a whole host of reasons, the original stands in all of its simple and yet powerful glory.. We have created this site especially to highlight both the book and future forthcoming books by both Steven and associated authors. But, before you buy, why not read some of the book as you would when you visit your local bookstore but here on line by following this link to the excerpts page.

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Donald Factor, former patient at the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico an Alternative Cancer Treatment Center. Oasis of Hope specializes at combining conventional cancer therapies with alternative cancer treatments to improve the quality of life of patients.

Donald Factor, famed son cosmetics giant Max factor, went to the Oasis of Hope hospital after being told he only had 4 months to live. "After the initial treatment and about a year of home therapy. I was totally clear of any sign of cancer. Although I will probably never know if any one part of my experience was the actual key to my recovery, I am convinced that it was most likely all of it -- everything, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

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