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A whole new series of written and recorded material is currently being put in place to share with you here in October 2014. Here is a brief summary and you can access all of these resources and more by visiting the different sections of the website as detailed above.

Many people around the world are looking for meaning in their lives and the lives of those who are close to them. At times the journey can feel isolating with a sense of isolation operating at different levels through intellectual challenges as well as a heartfelt sense of isolation from those around us.


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The emergence of the power of caring in our adult lives is an ongoing process with many twists and turns along the pathway of our lives.

" ALL ABOUT YOUR LIFE. Have you asked questions in your life to find out who you can be? You read, you ask, you listen. Who am I and how can I express what I know and feel? I want to tell you about how you can life your life, how your life can be and then I'll ask you one question. Which of your lives do you want to choose? Think about it. From 3rd Edition 'Life's Meaning for Today' by Steven Warren"


The Power of Caring website came into being after Steven Warren www.stevenwarren.co.uk created a seminar for doctors, healthcare practitioners and patients to share in the powerful story of Don and Anna Factor's journey through Don's life threatening cancer diagnosis to a return to full health.

Steven is the author of this and a whole series of books and published recordings focusing on the simple fact that we have all of the answers if only we quieten our conscious mind and its chatter, misdirection and obvious confusion to enable in order for our True Self complete expression in all areas of our daily life.

This website is dedicated to The Power of Caring and here you can read, listen to and purchase both printed books; ebooks and audio books relating to the power of caring in our day to day lives.

Steven and his colleagues have created a selection of new seminars which are being offered in 2014 - 2015 in the UK as well as internationally. Details of the seminar contents, dates and venues as well as costs and booking can be found on Steven's main author site www.stevenwarren.co.uk/events as well as here on the site under the MEETINGS section.

In addition to to seminars there is an online The Power of Caring series which people around the world can join with.

What is healing? Where does it come from? With insight, wisdom and compassion Steven provides an intimate glimpse of the dynamic relationship of healing.

" There is a very real possibility that the physical world is subject to the spiritual forces of the human soul" Prince Charles.

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Editor Steven Warren - Contributors Donald Factor; Anna Factor; Gill Edwards; Ruth Sewell.

ISBN 978-1-908587-09-1 Print ISBN 978-1-908587-10-1 E Book

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In 1988 Steven Warren, author, speaker and former psychotherapist, met two extraordinary people with an equally extraordinary story of how their courage and love had overcome Don's terminal illness prognosis. After spending much time with them exploring their experiences Steven asked if they would be the main speakers at a seminar he would create.

Steven had worked for over seven years at this time with people who were dying, those who were bereaved and others facing both chronic as well as life threatening illness. Such work had shown Steven how the Power of Caring was the crucial factor in helping people to both recover from, cope with and in many cases prolong their lives.

Modern medicine contributed to their care but Steven had witnessed another important factor at work, the power stemming from a crisis in a persons life to connect with their true self.

At this time modern scientific research was beginning to confirm what had been known from old wives stories, that the human mind and heart played an important role in releasing the individuals own healing potential but only as long as that individual was given the right circumstance, support, encouragement, care and love. read more

Steven Warren www.stevenwarren.co.uk is the author of this and a whole series of books and published recordings focusing on the simple fact that we have all of the answers if only we quieten our conscious mind and its chatter, misdirection and obvious confusion.

The title of this book The Power of Caring in Health and Healing stemmed from a one day seminar which Steven created in 1989 for healthcare professionals as well as cancer and AID's patients. The day focused around the remarkable story of Don and Anna Factor. We explored the journey that husband and wife had made after Don's 'Terminal' cancer diagnosis and his remarkable journey of recovery to full health which he and his wife Anna had journeyed upon. The key discovery between them was the power of caring for each other and for themselves. read more

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Donald Factor, former patient at the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico an Alternative Cancer Treatment Center. Oasis of Hope specializes at combining conventional cancer therapies with alternative cancer treatments to improve the quality of life of patients.

Donald Factor, famed grand son of cosmetics giant Max factor, went to the Oasis of Hope hospital after being told he only had 4 months to live. "After the initial treatment and about a year of home therapy. I was totally clear of any sign of cancer. Although I will probably never know if any one part of my experience was the actual key to my recovery, I am convinced that it was most likely all of it -- everything, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

To explore what Oasis of Hope Hospital has to offer please follow this link :


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