The Power of Caring in Health and Healing by Steven Warren Self Management and Self Care by Ruth Sewell
True Self. Exploring, Understanding and Expressing by Steven Warren  


The Power of Caring in Health and Healing

When I met with Don and Anna through a mutual friend, Wendy Mason, in 1988 at their home here in England we sat and talked in the garden whilst we drank tea. Wendy knew of my work with both the dying and those facing potentially life threatening illness. I had started working in primary care as a counsellor at the beginning of the 1980's and, as a result of meeting Don and Anna they were able to consolidate the observations I had made in my clinical practice from their own heart warming experience of the power of caring in their lives as a result of Don's terminal cancer diagnosis.

There were many lessons which were explored and as the seminar progressed I was able to share my own clinical experience in psychotherapy and counselling with individuals, family members and friends growing awareness of another powerful and yet essential growing awareness.

Don and Anna had discovered that they needed to find who they really were and what they really wanted both from their own lives as well as the life that they 'shared' together in their marriage. That Don's health and recovery from illness was not just the doctor and medical teams responsibility and that in journeying through recovery both Don and Anna recognised the power of their caring for themselves and others if only we connect with our True Self.

For me there was an affirmation in exploring with Don and Anna their own personal journey. I had made similar journeys both with the clients I had been working with since 1980 as well as the journey I had progressed with my partner when they were diagnosed with lung cancer a year before and their death some four months after such a diagnosis.

Now, in 2013, as I prepare to release the seminar content I reflect back over what is nearly 25 years or working at the next stage which we all focused on when we gathered for The Power of Caring in May 1989. As with most 'truths' the core concepts remain and in the last twenty five years more doctors, healthcare practitioners as well as patients and their families know about the power of emotion and subsequent thoughts on both remaining healthy as well as recovery from illness.

With the publication of the book imminent I and my colleagues have decided to offer a series of Power of Caring Seminars which will focus on all aspects of our lives, beginning with Health and Healing and moving towards The Power of Caring in Love and Relationships.

As one colleague Dr Sewell said to me 'Steven, you were twenty five years in advance. So now time to recreate what you so skillfully created back in 1989 to share with people once again.'

25th February 2013. Steven Warren.

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True Self. Exploring, Understanding and Expressing by Steven Warren

Coming soon in the next few days. Monday 25th February 2013.

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Self Management and Self Care by Ruth Sewell

The nature of my work involves me intimately in the lives of others as they seek to find solutions and new awareness and, ideally, to return to a state of wholeness and healing. My professional work is in health care, and since the 1980's I have been a teacher, psychotherapist, and clinical and academic supervisor in the field of integrated cancer and palliative care.

Around the world a growing number of people are working with the labyrinth, an ancient artifact which is fulfilling a renewed role in today's world. The ultimate aim is to help participants find effective ways to reduce levels of stress, and to explore and develop a daily practice of applying self-help approaches which are capable of helping them to improve their quality of life and well-being.

'Finding quiet space in modern living is challenging, but finding my own quiet space within a labyrinth was an experience to be treasured'. (Teacher)

'I believe labyrinths have applications for us in medicine for both doctors and patients as we all need and benefit from the space that this offers.' (Senior palliative care physician)

This book offers ideas and examples of labyrinths in use in various situations: arts, community and social settings; schools, collages and universities; a hospice, and a secure hospital; counselling, psychotherapy and well-being; churches, retreats and interfaith contexts.

We hope you will find Working with the Labyrinth a book to browse and return to, as source of ideas and inspiration ... We'd like to encourage readers to explore settings and contexts very different from their own, where labyrinth initiatives may offer surprising connections and possibilities.

We are delighted to have gathered contributions from such diverse enthusiasts, and hope that this book will serve as a helpful resource for anyone who - new to labyrinths, or expert - is looking for fresh ideas and ways forward tin introducing, creating and working with labyrinths.

Working with the Labyrinth - Paths for Exploration. Ruth Sewell, Jan sellers and Di Williams ISBN 978-1-84952-246-5

About Ruth Sewell, Ph.D. Ruth works as a psychotherapist, Autogenic training therapist, and lecturer in integrated palliative care and spirituality offering clinical and academic supervision. Ruth is known for her interest in supporting professionals in their own 'self-care' activities and she lectures and runs workshops on the prevention of occupational burnout and compassion fatigue on a national and international basis. Ruth is a long-standing member of the editorial board for the journal Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice. Her work as a psychotherapist focuses on supporting those whose lives are affected by cancer and those living with chronic illness; her doctoral thesis is concerned with the experiences of women during and following breast cancer.

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