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In 2001 Steven Warren consolidated all of his thirty year experience in working with people facing loss, transition and change in his philosophy of Dynamic Cognition and The DC Effect in Your Life.

This is the official website here on the Internet for people who are using his approach in their day to day life.

http:/// This is the official Internet site for Steven Warrens work in creating and developing his philosophy of Dynamic Cognition and draws together his work and the work of others who specialise in related fields of personal development philosophy. If you are a professional working in related fields then this website is a growing resource as well as a point of contact with those working internationally in this field.

In 2009 Steven began creating a quote to appear on the Internet each day for 'Life's meaning for today'. The website was hugely popular with people around the world connecting and reflecting on the daily quotes Steven created.
In 2010 a selection of the 355 daily quotes were selected and published as a small pocket book which proved popular with a wide range of people from different backgrounds and experiences. In 2012 the second edition along with an accompanying Life's Meaning Journal were published. Now, in 2013, an audio recording of the author, Steven Warren, reading each of his quotes from the second edition is now available.

The Institute of HeartMath’s leaders are knowledgeable, dedicated and caring individuals committed to fostering research of stress management, emotional physiology, human energetics and intuition. They continually reassess current strategies and develop new ones in the educational sector to improve learning and academic achievement. They are developing effective interventions in the health community for optimizing personal performance, managing a range of debilitating conditions and training individuals in skills for building resilience.

They have a online resource which features a whole range of self help materials as well as qualified and certificated trainers.








































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